Crazy Action Contraptions Robotics (CACR)

Here’s your chance to be creative and a little wacky, too. We’ll be making some very “crazy and bizarre” contraptions that will truly amaze you. Your imagination can go “wild” with ideas on how to create even more complicated mechanical wonders. With motors, gears, pulleys, wheels of various sizes, and tons of other cool LEGO pieces. Students will be provided with a creative tool kit to design their bots!

Age Group

09, 10, 11, 12

Who will like this Course?

Anyone ready to take to the skies and learn all about drone operation.

Recommended Prerequisites

Novice knowledge about what a drone is and how they can be used.

On or Before April 4, 2022
$ 259
April 5, 2022 to May 23, 2022
$ 269
On or After May 23, 2022
$ 279

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