Infinity and Beyond: Aerospace Engineering

Future NASA Engineer? Critical thinking and problem solving skills are enhanced through FUN, age-appropriate, inquiry based, hands-on STEM related projects. Your budding engineer will be introduced to the field of engineering, basic concepts of engineering as it relates to the science of aircraft and spacecraft by utilizing the Engineering Design Process to design and construct their own rockets, parachutes, and hot air balloons! Get ready for aerospace adventures to infinity and beyond!

Age Group

07, 08, 09

Who will like this Course?

Children who have a passion for the technological wonders present in the world around them. Activities include building and designing various structures and devices.

Recommended Prerequisites

An active imagination and an eye for detail.

On or Before April 4, 2022
$ 295
April 5, 2022 to May 23, 2022
$ 305
On or After May 23, 2022
$ 325

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